Ibsophone spare parts and accessories


30524-01 Bone mic MT3 01
336290884 Diver mic T1
336290955 Diver mic MT3
336300009 Mic & bone MT3
Bone mic & bone MT3
Headset light 02
Headset PELTOR
336290954 Lifeline kevlar MT3 120m 02
Options and Accessories MTIII
Part No. Description  
336300071  Amplifier MT III  
30518-51 Headset tender, Light MT II and MT III  
336290955 Microphone, diver, to Divator MT II and MT III  
336290957  Bone conductor diver,yellow MT II and MT III  
336921848  Gland male (line) for UW-contact DLSA-M red  
30524-1   Bone conductor diver Deep diving, red, MT II & III  
336290952 Headset tender, Peltor MT II and MT III  
Options and Accessories T1
Part No. Description  
336290883  Bone conductor diver, yellow, T1  
31 782-01 Bone conductor diver, yellow, T1 with 1,5 meter cable  
30 515-01 Bone conductor microphone, for deep diving, red, T1  
336290884  Microphone diver, to Divator full face mask, T1  
30 516-01  Microphone diver, to IS-DCSC full face mask, T1